4 comments on “Tea, Turtles, etc.

  1. So much fun, Tahlia. Glad you like the tea and I’m looking forward to the Tortoise vs the Hare C/KAL and the new design(s).

    God bless….


    • Mom —

      Perfect gifts. So glad y’all had a good Anniversary. The CAL/KALs will be so much fun! And we’ll see what new designs pop up. Definitely something smaller, though. I need a break from big toys after the unicorn…

      God Bless,



  2. In love with this little Bitty the turtle. I’m hoping you make more smaller toys as well. This one was so much fun to do up as all of your toys are.


    • Sue —

      I think you are largely responsible for me starting to design smaller toys (if I remember correctly). I only used to design large ones before. The small ones are kind of addictive. So, thanks.

      I’m so glad you enjoy Bitty! Makes me happy! 😀

      God Bless,



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