10 comments on “Beware the Bat

  1. I think that the ingrediënts love and gratitude are the best!!! Enjoy your tea 🙂 you totaly deserve it! I’m not a batman or superman fan at all so no smart replies from me on that…yes I know how dissapointing 😉 My hero from my youth was my dad and he still is. Congrats on your new release and I hope many people are going to buy it. hugs 🙂 xx


    • Vleer, I know; the listing of love and gratitude as ingredients in the tea makes me so happy! I have the Reading Nook Blend steeping right now. It smells so yummy! It’s so sweet that your Dad is your hero! My Dad first introduced me to comics and it’s a shared family love, though Dad and I are probably the greatest comic nerds in the family.

      Thanks so much for testing for me!

      God Bless,



  2. Yep, Batman must win out, but we are a Bat family, LOL. I don’t like it when they pit superheros against each other. (I don’t like it any better with the New Avengers movie coming out either.) Will that stop me from seeing either of these movies…No. Well done with the Bat, and I look forward to sampling a bit of your teas now and then, so I know what I want to buy. Love the chocolate one I have now.


    • We know things will be alright in the end, Mom. Keep your dance card open; once Batman v. Superman hits the theaters, we’ve got a date!

      I’m glad you like Bruce! Thanks for testing and tech editing his pattern!

      I need to let you try one of my new teas and see if you like it. Even it’s just a sip. 😉

      God Bless,



  3. Congrats on the new release. I have never followed either of these characters so have no opinion but I think this little guy is as cute as can be. Hope he finds lots of people who invite him into their craft basket.


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