4 comments on “Update

  1. Baby steps to the door, baby steps to the hall, baby steps to the street, baby steps onto the bus….LOL Looking forward to the big reveal and reactions, and to the realization of all the ideas jumbled in your head. (Should I shake the tangles out for you? LOL) God bless…

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  2. I don’t know about anyone else but I love to hear and see most things other than knitting that’s going on in your lives. The knitting is OK for a bit but I guess I’m kind of a people person so love to know more about you personally. I’m not a movie buff and I think the last movie I saw was back in 1957 when my husband proposed to me at the drive in theater. I know that’s way romantic isn’t it and I haven’t a clue what the movie was about. I’m so excited for you getting 2 more patterns out and another one to follow shortly thereafter. You are amazing to keep this up and work and study and all the other things you do.

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    • Thanks, Sue, for commenting! I’ll try to include a bit more personal aspect. I love the story about you and your husband and the last movie you saw; so sweet! Thanks for all your support!

      God Bless,



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