6 comments on “Tutorial-related blathering

  1. My senior ladies needed this cartoon because when our hook was dropped we always said someone dropped their diamond. For sure we wouldn’t want anyone to move. Very cute. And yea to maybe getting some new equipment soon. I’m a firm believer in having the best tools you can have to get the best job done that you can.

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  2. Ooh new camera goodies sound like a lot of fun, happy, happy days ahead for you! :-)))

    Some vlogs I watch they all love their Go Pro and in fact my g-son Jonathon has one and when they go riding (motorcycles) out in the desert he wears it on his helmet so he doesn’t miss anything. Even caught everything when he crashed head on into a bush when his front tire found an unexpected rock sticking up. Haha

    Anyways hope you have a lot of fun when you get one and yayy for all of us too!

    Love the hook funny! We always just say, “Don’t anybody move, hook down!” Hehe



    • Patty —

      Thanks for sharing the experiences of your grandson and vloggers who love their Go Pros! And your poor grandson with that taped crash! Oh my! I hope he didn’t get hurt to badly!

      Heehee! Hook down! We claim our couches eat our hooks! lol

      God Bless,



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