4 comments on “Taylor Swift, Tea, and Tutorial Videos

  1. That’s an interesting contraption 😉 but I was already wondering about how you were able to do those video’s and I will give you feedback when I’ve watched the tutorials for Bruce. I’ll try to start today on Bruce but have to wait until DH is out off bed so I can go to the attic of doom 😉 oh eh…I mean Hobbit cave 😉


    • Vleer — It’s a challenge to get the tutorials just so. I might eventually need to get a tripod, but I’m not sure how I will make it work to look over my shoulder. Guess it would have to be tall? I might have to splurge for some nicer equipment eventually. I’ll be interested in your feedback on the videos with this test. And yes, Hobbit Cave, not attic of doom. lol
      God Bless,

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  2. Tahlia, I knew you were talented but didn’t know that you were a contortionist. Please don’t hurt yourself. Since I’m not testing the toys right now I’ll wait to see how much you have been working to make them better later on. Love your designs and wish I wasn’t so buried with prior commitments but I’ll get there. Keep up the good work.


    • Thanks, Sue! I’m hoping to buy a new camera set up (more professional) in the next month or so. So hopefully I won’t have this crazy set-up much longer. I understand that other commitments have to be taken care of; I definitely wouldn’t want to have you stressed because of my patterns. Thanks for always being so supportive of my patterns!
      God Bless,


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