2 comments on “Bookmarks and Other News

  1. Hold up hand(s) for tester of your new pattern 🙂 And I love the bookmark and all you show although I hoped to get a sneak peek of the design but alas you’re way too smart with not showing more 😀 I’ve the same mug in front of my right now with a nice applepie blend yum it’s so good and warm but I think I’ve to find me the mugwarmer again or perhaps knit/crochet a cozy, you could design one of course 😉


    • Heehee. Keep your eyes peeled for the new pattern on the PHN Ravelry group, Vleer. I’ve already finished ____ and ____ pieces of the tutorial toy and just have _____, ______, ______, ______, and _______ to go before piecing the toy while recording the tutorials. Apple pie tea sounds yum. I think I might need to get more peppermint (still haven’t made my third cup of tea for the night yet). I’ve thought in the past of designing — not a mug cozy — but a tea pot cozy. But nothing has gone past the “wouldn’t that be nice” stage. One of these days I will. But “today is not that day” (I love LOTR references. Kudos if you know which character said it). I don’t use mug cozies because I’m addicted to cute mugs and can’t stand the thought of my cute mugs being hidden from my view. I need to purchase a mug warmer, I think.

      God Bless,


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