2 comments on “Tendonitis and Test News

  1. Hi Tahlia I’m glad the tendonitis is better now I had it a year ago when I was lifting my dad from the ground a few times and it got worse when I lifted the wheelchair to get him in front of his bed…not a smart idea….but alas…it happened and it ached me a long time but it was in my left arm not my right arm. I’m right handed so it dissapeared after a few weeks. No fun at all, and I looked at the site…hmmm looks painfull too but if it helps???

    Yay on the more organized part 😉 and you’re right doing those reminders because life does happen 🙂 and time flies too sometimes… ok often… hugs and take care 🙂 xx


    • Vleer —

      Ouch, that sounds like that hurt. Mine was luckily my left arm too. Actually, mostly my pain is in my left arm. Anyone got a new left arm for sale? lol
      I don’t know if the suggestions are perfect, but I particularly like the thing about the band exercise (I think it was the first suggestion). Honestly, I love that blog and always look for an excuse to repost from it. I can easily lose too much time reading their articles.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      God Bless,



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