4 comments on “Brief Note To Testers

  1. You’ve said twice is starting is staring after the PHN link 😉 And I like to promote your blog and patterns by linking them to your blog or patterns. Will see if I can add the project some more on other groups too 🙂 And I can always join it with other groups as well through my projectpage as well 🙂

    You’ve done such a great job with your toys and designs so hat off to you and big bow and I would love to keep on making your patterns and will make barry and oops too but now I’m knitting a toy and then will do a crochet one just for fun of it 🙂
    hugs 🙂 xx


    • Thanks, Vleer, for the correction and general sweetness! Correction made. I ended up taking a 15 minute nap after I wrote this post. I feel a little more awake now.

      Can’t wait to see your knitted toy (as well as the crochet one) in the Toy-Along thread at PHN!

      God Bless,


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  2. I say promote away! =-))))

    Loving those cuties (owls) just sooo darn much and that yarn color is just absolutely the most perfect one ever, good choice there Tahlia!


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