About Franciscangypsy Designs


Hi, I’m Tahlia (pronounced Tall-ya)! I went to Franciscan University for nursing school and was called a gypsy there related to my fondness for swingy skirts and dangly earrings. Hence my online identity and my shop name.

I am a night nurse, but when I’m not working, I am an obsessive knitter/crocheter and a crochet/knit designer. I mostly design crocheted toys, although I may occasionally produce other crafty patterns for sale.

I never intended to design toys (or anything really), but I got frustrated with safety eyes that popped out of my toys and with not being able to finish my toys because I didn’t happen to have just the right eyes. Barry Cardinal popped onto my sketchpad and was finished in less than a week. And thus Franciscangypsy Designs began… and I am loving being able to take the cuties in my head and transfer them into reality with nothing more than my sketch pad, a pencil, and some yarn and stuffing.

I have a podcast called Pen, Hook, And Needles with my Mom, ladyfernaco and we have website called, creatively enough, Pen, Hook, and Needles.

Feel free to ask me any questions. I hope you enjoy these patterns as much as I do!

God Bless,